Message From Chairman and Group CEO

Dedicated to Dr. William Mong, a man of vision…

As Shun Hing Group embarks on its 70th year of success, we must not forget that the company was founded in 1953 by my late father who reckoned that peoples' lives could vastly be improved if modern electronic appliances were used at home. As a sole agent of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. of Japan in Hong Kong, he initially brought in National brand home appliances such as rice cookers, transistor radios, televisions and refrigerators. Business relationship with Matsushita flourished steadily and the cooperation between Shun Hing and Matsushita, now Panasonic Corporation based on mutual trust, has since remained strong.

In the last seven decades, Hong Kong has experienced unrest such as civil riots, water rationing, mass migration, bank runs, flooding, typhoons, stock market crash and global financial crisis; nonetheless, Shun Hing, with a solid foundation, was able to weather these storms with negligible adverse effect. Shun Hing, true to its mission to improve peoples' lives, has continued to import a broad array of state of the art home appliances, telecommunications and audio visual products to Hong Kong, bringing comfort, convenience and pleasure to the lives of many.

Dr. William Mong was a man of vision - he digressed beyond the "all eggs in one basket" philosophy and diversified into other business areas in logistics, engineering, maintenance / repair, property investments, private equities and investments which are all valuable additions to our core trading business. He was also a man of integrity and dedication - he was loyal and committed to his business partners who often praised him for good business ethics.  These traits have shaped our corporate culture and have taken Shun Hing from a humble firm of ten staff in 1953 to a multi subsidiary corporation of nearly two thousand staff today.

This legacy will preserve only with unfailing support from our committed business partners, dedicated colleagues and faithful customers. As a successor I look forward to steering the company in the right direction, to identifying business opportunities, to meeting new challenges in the 21st century and, more importantly, to bringing more new "ideas for life" to the Hong Kong community.

Mong Tak Yeung, David