Corporate Mission

  • Shun Hing is a well-established group of companies working in pursuit of excellence and recognition as the leading supplier of consumer, office and industrial electronic products, as well as a prominent building service contractor in Hong Kong, Macau and China.
  • We achieve our aims by responding dynamically and successfully to the challenges of an increasingly competitive and market-driven economy.
  • With the co-operation of our suppliers, our priority is total dedication to customer satisfaction.
  • We are committed to developing an environment and culture that attracts and retains creative and highly skilled professionals, enhancing manpower resources through structured training programmes, and setting planned career paths for our employees.
  • We shall work together as a family in mutual trust and responsibility. Alone we are weak - together we are strong.
  • We place emphasis on contributing towards the wellbeing of the communities in our marketplace by being an active corporate citizen.
  • We strive on our achievements to improve unceasingly in the twenty-first century.