Charitable & Volunteering Activities

The Group has always encouraged staff to participate in charitable and voluntary activities. In 2003, the "Shun Hing Volunteering Team" was organised to encourage staff to help people from different backgrounds and segments of society to embark on a life-enhancing trip in search of a deeper meaning of life.

At present there are around 200 members in the team and various activities are organised each year that are well participated by the members. They include Marathons, Walks for Charity, Homeless World Cup, distributing electric fans to senior citizens during home visits, making rice dumplings during the Dragon Boat festival, Sedan Chair Race and organic farm visits for children from low-income families.

Shun Hing Volunteering Team organized various activities regularly to help those in need.
Happiness is the greatest reward that the Volunteering Team members obtain.
Staff are encouraged to participate in various wholesome and charitable activities.
The Shun Hing Education and Charity Fund participated 'Canstruction® Hong Kong 2016', organized by Food Angel.