Environmental Protection

Long before environmentalism became a buzzword, Shun Hing had been concerned about environmental issues and made efforts to help environmental protection causes. For many years, the company has supported the China Exploration Research Society in the funding and provision of equipment for the launching of research projects on environmental protection. In 1996 and 1997, Shun Hing sponsored two special TVB programmes, namely "Panasonic Special: From Tropic to Arctic" and "Panasonic Special: The Barren Zone", to raise public awareness on environmental issues.

Our own initiatives in environmental protection include maintaining the indoor temperature of offices at 25.5 degree Celsius in summer months, and controlling the illumination level of indoor lighting. Desirous of a greater involvement by Shun Hing staff in the green movement, we implemented a waste classification and recycling scheme in Shun Hing offices, aiming to preserve the world's natural resources, reduce pollution of the planet and protect the environment. As part of the scheme, recycling bins specially designed for rechargeable batteries, plastic products (including compact discs), waste paper, aluminum cans and plastic bottles respectively were placed in Shun Hing offices and premises for the recycling and disposal of wastes according to environmental principles. In order to encourage our staff members to adopt a greener lifestyle, we launched a Green Planting Campaign in our offices and organized internal competitions to emphasise the importance of environmental protection.

Staff members are encouraged to join the recycling activities regularly organized by The Group.
Staff members actively participated in the Planting Day held by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department.