Panasonic Proudly Sponsors: Good Music This Lunch

Title sponsored by Shun Hing Group

Panasonic Proudly Sponsors: Good Music This Lunch

New season kicks off!

The new season of "Good Music This Lunch", title sponsored by Shun Hing Group, kicked off with a wonderful start. The first Chamber Concert in the 2021/22 season took place on 6th April 2021 at the Concert Hall of Hong Kong City Hall. There were nearly 500 audiences and the performance got a big round of applause!

The Concert was filled with busy and eclectic selection of chamber music, including: "Mozart - Quartet in C for Flute, Violin, Viola & Violoncello, K285b", "Schubert - 4 Komische Landler in D for Two Violins, D354", "Sibelius - Water Droplets for Violin & Cello", Gyorgy Kurtag - Selections from Signs, Games and Messages for String Trio", "Gyorgy Kurtag - Aus der Ferne III for String Quartet", "Gyorgy Kurtag - Signs, Games and Messages: Im Volkston", "Gyorgy Ligeti - Ballad and Dance for Two Violins", and "Bartok - Selections from 44 Duos for Two Violins.

As the lunchtime concert took place during the Easter Holiday, many families came and took a nice time out.

One of Hong Kong's flagship orchestras, Hong Kong Sinfonietta has achieved significant local and international recognition for its passionate performances and innovative programming which have brought music closer to the community. "Good Music This Lunch" is free admission and no prior registration is needed. Audiences shall collect their tickets outside the Concert Hall and sit in the assigned seats*.

Event dates of 2021/22 Season "Good Music This Lunch" Chamber Concert**:

  1. 6th April 2021 (Tuesday)
  2. 26th May 2021 (Wednesday)
  3. 15th June 2021 (Tuesday)
  4. 13th July 2021 (Tuesday)
  5. 28th September 2021 (Tuesday)
  6. 29th October 2021 (Friday)
  7. 16th November 2021 (Tuesday)
  8. 4th January 2022 (Tuesday)
  9. 15th February 2022 (Tuesday)
*The on-site official announcement shall be final. **Hong Kong Sinfonietta has the right to change the concert dates wherever necessary. Please refer to the official website for the announcement.