Thank you for the wonderful performances of our Panasonic Sports Scholars at the Tokyo Olympic Games

Congratulations on your achievements! You made us proud!

Shun Hing Group extended congratulations to Hong Kong athletes on their outstanding achievements and won a Gold Medal, two Silver Medals and three Bronze Medals in the Tokyo Olympic Games! Athletes of Panasonic Sports Scholarship Programme have shown their strength and resilience to strive for their best. Let us give them a big round of applause!

Panasonic Sports Scholarship Programme, established in 2010, is jointly organized by Shun Hing Group and Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China (SF&OC). 10 athletes are selected by the SF&OC every 2 years. All awardees are outstanding athletes in their sports. The Panasonic Sports Scholarship aims to fund athlete's specialized coaching services, local and overseas trainings, medical scientific assistance, and other needs; to assist athletes to prepare and perform their best in the Asian Games and the Olympic Games.

2019-2021 "Panasonic Sports Scholarship Programme" Awardees who won medals in Tokyo Olympics:

Ms. HAUGHEY Siobhan Bernadette

Swimming - Women's 100m & 200m Freestyle Silver Medals

Ms. SOO Wai Yam, Minnie

Table Tennis - Women's Team Bronze Medal

Ms. LAU Mo Sheung Grace

Karate - Women's Kata Bronze Medal

Except the above medal winners, "Panasonic Sports Scholarship Programme" Awardees including Ms. CHING Siu Nga (Athletics), Mr. NG Ka Long (Badminton), Ms. HSIEH Kaylin Sin Yan (Fencing), Mr. SHEK Wai Hung (Gymnastics), and Mr. Oscar COGGINS (Triathlon) who competing in the Tokyo Olympics had excelled themselves at all matches. Regrettably Mr. CHAN Chi Fung (Rowing), Ms. SHING Ho Ching (Shooting) were not qualified to the Tokyo Olympics, we wish them keep contributing their persistent efforts and achieving great results in the upcoming competitions.

Shun Hing Group and Hong Kong people are immensely proud of all Hong Kong athletes and wish them continue their wonderful performances in the future.




*All photos are provided by Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China.