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Shun Hing Group Awarded as Caring Company for 5 Consecutive Years

The Hong Kong Council of Social Service named Shun Hing Group as a Caring Company for the 2008/09 term. This is also the fifth consecutive year the Group is awarded with this logo, recognizing its contribution to and outstanding performance in corporate social responsibility.

Shun Hing Group has gone above and beyond its expected role as a good corporate citizen by actively participating in various community and charitable activities. The Group has satisfied the criteria of Volunteering, Employee Friendly, Employing Vulnerable, Caring for the Environment and Giving of the Scheme.

Dedicated to creating a better society, the Group will continue to support employees to organize and participate in volunteer services, demonstrate caring spirit in the community and give a helping hand to the needy.

Shun Hing Group awarded as Caring Company for 5 consecutive years
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