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Shun Hing sponsors Hong Kong Arts Festival for the 21st year

Shun Hing Group demonstrates its continued support to the local arts circle by sponsoring the Hong Kong Arts Festival for the 21st year. The sponsored programme this year was "St Thomas Boys Choir", which was presented on 21st March 2011 at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. The programme attracted some 2,000 spectators of different ages and nationalities and was extremely well-received.

Shun Hing Group Vice Chairman David Mong said, "The St Thomas Boys Choir is one of the world's finest boys choirs, they soar through Bach's Motets, developing the counterpoint with the honed accuracy of an efficient cable-weaving machine. This is an incomparable chance to experience Bach's religious music at its purest and most spiritual, performed by his most authoritative exponent, St Thomas Boys Choir."

St Thomas Boys Choir stands proudly on almost 800 years of musical heritage. Founded in 1212, the celebrated choir of St Thomas Church is Leipzig's oldest cultural institution. It is also the chief custodian of the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, who led the choir as its Cantor for 27 years until his death in 1750.

Bach's greatest aspiration was to create "well-regulated church music to the glory of God". His tenure as Leipzig city's musical director and choirmaster of St Thomas Church provided the resources and opportunity to realize this grand vision. He wrote his greatest vocal masterpieces for St Thomas Boys Choir to sing in church services.

Mr & Mrs Allen Lee (left) and Mr & Mrs Nicholas Ng (right) were invited to the St Thomas Boys Choir sponsored by Shun Hing Group.
To celebrate Bach’s birthday on the concert day (21st March), David Mong presented a birthday cake to St Thomas Boys Choir to express his heartfelt gratitude to them for bringing Bach’s fantastic music to Hong Kong.
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