Inauguration Ceremony of Mong Man Wai Brain Centre of the Tsinghua University Yuquan Hospital

A donation from the Shun Hing Education and Charity Fund, the Mong Man Wai Brain Centre of the Tsinghua University Yuquan Hospital held its inauguration ceremony on 19 October 2015. Those officiating the ceremony were Mr David Mong, Chairman and Group CEO of Shun Hing Group, Professor Jiang Shengyao, Vice President of Tsinghua University, Professor Yang Jiaqing, former Deputy President of Tsinghua University, and Professor Zuo Huancong, President of Yuquan Hospital. Representatives from the education and business sectors across Mainland China and Hong Kong also attended the ceremony.

Since its inception, the Mong Man Wai Brain Centre of Tsinghua University Yuquan Hospital has been committed to research and the treatment of various neurological disorders. The centre has continued to cooperate with, among other disciplines, the life sciences and medical faculties at Tsinghua University in order to more closely integrate scientific research with clinical trials. The Brain Centre now holds a nationally significant place as one of the foremost institutions to have successfully integrated medical research, practice and teaching in the neurological sciences.

The founder of Shun Hing Group Dr William Mong Man Wai was forced to drop out of university and give up his passion for the study of aeronautical engineering many years ago due to the civil war. Driven by his belief in the importance of education, he strove to provide better access to unparalleled education. In his lifetime, Dr Mong was a strong supporter of development at Tsinghua University. Since the first donation of the "Mong Man Wai Building" in 1993 - now the "Centre of Student Cultural Activities", co-operation between Shun Hing Group and Tsinghua University has continued to flourish over the past two decades. To date, Shun Hing Group has donated five buildings and two research institutes alongside other donations, the total amounting to over HKD 400 million.

After the ceremony, Mr David Mong, Chairman and Group CEO of the Shun Hing Group remarked, "We look forward to watching Tsinghua University continue their endeavor in fostering more talent, improving the quality of human life, and elevating cultural quality, so that a new generation of great minds can go forth into the world as leaders.