Celebrating its Diamond Jubilee, Shun Hing Group grows further by Trust and Thankfulness

The Shun Hing Group held a cocktail reception celebrating its 60th anniversary. More than 700 distinguished guests from the political and commercial sectors and the Group's business partners attended the event and expressed their warmest wishes.


Mr David Mong, Vice Chairman of the Shun Hing Group, shared in his welcoming remarks that he celebrated the occasion with much gratitude. He said, "First of all,      I would like to express my gratitude to Panasonic Corporation for their trust in the   past 60 years. My father and Mr Matsushita started their partnership with a firm handshake 60 years ago, which has formed a long-lasting relationship and defined the culture of Shun Hing, meaning 'Prosperity after trust' ".


"I am also grateful for the unfailing support from the general public of Hong Kong towards the Shun Hing Group over the last 60 years - from transistor radios to high definition televisions, from simple hyphenated refrigerators to multi-functional multi-door refrigerators, and from film cameras to digital cameras. We have expanded from a product agency to a value-added service provider, which now includes traffic light systems, airport baggage handling systems, MTR broadcasting systems and MTR PSD installation works, etc. We have grown hand in hand with the Hong Kong people and experienced the changing times together."


"Moreover, my heartfelt thanks go to all staff members within the Group. They have been serving our customers with upmost sincerity, providing them with the best products and the best services. Thanks also to our distributors for their co-operation and support."


Officiating at the cocktail event were Mr John Tsang, the Financial Secretary of the HKSAR; Mr Hitoshi Noda, Consul General of Japan in Hong Kong; and Mr Kazuhiro Tsuga, President of Panasonic Corporation.


Mr Tsuga, travelling from Japan for the occasion, said in this speech, "Being the most valuable business partner of Panasonic in Hong Kong, Shun Hing has succeeded in penetrating the market and built up the brand image of Panasonic as one of the top brands in Hong Kong. I would like to pay my utmost tribute to Mr Mong and all of the people, who paid efforts to maintain our strong partnership over these years."


The Shun Hing Group has set up three themed areas at the venue, namely "New Product Arena", "Photo Gallery for Diamond Jubliee" and "Exhibition of Antique Products". Of the three exhibition areas, the "Exhibition of Antique Products" was the most well received. The 11 pieces of displayed antique products, being sold through the Shun Hing Group, aroused substantial interests as they brought back many collective memories.


Mr Mong concluded, "I will continue my father's spirit of diligence and integrity. With the mission of 'Business built on Integrity' in mind, I will provide more diversified product choices and services to the customers to enhance their lifestyle. I hope to move on our business to another dimension in the years to come."