Shun Hing Education and Charity Fund supports scientific research and donates to the construction of Tsinghua University Mong Man Wai Building of Science and Technology

The opening ceremony of the Mong Man Wai Building of Science and Technology at Tsinghua University was heldon January 6.   It came as a donation from the Shun Hing Education and Charity Fund.   Officiating at the grand opening were Mr David Mong, Vice Chairman of Shun Hing Group and Chairman of the Shun Hing Education and Charity Fund; Ms Cheung Man-yee, Vice Chairman of the Shun Hing Education and Charity Fund; Mr Simon Tam, Financial Controller of Shun Hing Group; Professor Chen Jining, President of Tsinghua University; Professor Jiang Shengyao, Vice President of Tsinghua University; and Professor Yang Jiaqing, former Deputy President of Tsinghua University.   About 100 elite representatives from the education and business sectors in Mainland China and Hong Kong were also invited to attend.


The Mong Man Wai Building of Science and Technology is situated in the group of new science research buildings in the eastern part of the Tsinghua University campus, being one of the two buildings donated by Dr William Mong Man Wai, Founder of Shun Hing Group.  It costs more than RMB200 million and covers 8,700 square meters with a gross leasable area of 45,450 square meters.   The ten-storey building on the ground has a gross leasable area of 30,070 square meters, while the three-storey underground area has a gross leasable area of 15,380 square meters.   The building is 45 meters tall and the main construction structure has a flexible framework structure with space partitioning.   The building improves the science and technological hardware facilities and benefits the comprehensive utilization of science and technological equipment.   Moreover, it improves the conditions for teaching and research, and facilitates interdisciplinary integration and technological innovation.   In the long run, it will become a nurturing ground for innovative science and technology.


Shun Hing Group has always been a strong supporter of education at Tsinghua University.   Since its first donation of "Mong Man Wai Building" in 1993 - now the "Centre of Student Cultural Activities", co-operation between Shun Hing Group and Tsinghua University over the past two decades has never ceased.   To date, Shun Hung Group has donated five buildings and two research institutes along with other donations amounting to more than HKD400 million.   The completion of Mong Man Wai Building of Science and Technology is not only a perfection to the teaching and research facilities, but also a milestone to mark the advancement in scientific research of the university.


The Shun Hing Group's founder Dr William Mong Man Wai was forced to drop out of university and gave up his passion in studying aeronautics engineering many years ago due to the civil war.  As an acknowledgement of Dr Mong's devotion to aeronautical science, Shun Hing Group especially set up the School of Aerospace Building within the Mong Man Wai Building of Science and Technology.


Even though Dr Mong's dream of becoming an aircraft engineer could not be realized, his son, Mr David Mong, said in his speech that "After sixty-five years, we have erected this building of science and technology in his name, within which housed a building dedicated to research in his beloved aeronautical sciences.  It can be said that his wish is finally fulfilled."