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Shun Hing Life and Beauty Co., Ltd. (SHLAB)

Shun Hing Life and Beauty Co., Ltd. (SHLAB), a new member Company of the Shun Hing Group, was established in September 2013. The company was appointed by Japan MTG Co., Ltd. as the sole agent in Hong Kong and Macau. Major products are ReFa Platinum Beauty Roller and skincare products, ReFa Active, Sixpad, Facial Fitness PAO, Style and Style Kids, Obleu cosme treatment shower. MDNA SKIN which cooperatively developed by MTG and Madonna has also been launched in Hong Kong since February 2016. More brands and products will follow in due course.
SHLAB, as its name tells, strives to provide quality products to consumers who pursue a healthy and beautiful lifestyle. SHLAB has profound sales and marketing experience and professionals and will bring to consumers a variation of beauty, health and fitness products and total solutions.

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