Shun Hing Group cares about details

Shun Hing Group cares about details

Helps you live a Healthier Life

Hong Kong is classified as having a humid subtropical climate. The dew point has hit an all-time high leaving everything damp and musty. Damp clothes are easy to cause bacterial overgrowth, the unpleasant smell emitted not only affect the social life, but may also lead to other health problems.

Shun Hing Group always cares about public health. As the agent of renowned brands including Panasonic, Rasonic, KDK and Kärcher, we are keen to introduce various types of household appliances to help customers use different ways to keep their clothes clean and fresh, ultimately, improve the quality of living.

Product Information

Panasonic 2-in-1 Washer Dryer NA-S086F1

Panasonic Clothes Dryer NH-H4500T

Panasonic 2 in 1 Air Purifying Dehumidifier F-YAR25H

Panasonic Ceiling Mount Thermo Ventilator FV-30BG3H

Panasonic Futon Dryer FD-F06S1H

Rasonic Dehumidifier RPD-YS22

KDK Window Mount Thermo Ventilator 30BWBH/H

Kärcher Steam Cleaner SC 4 EasyFix Premium