The Shun Hing Education and Charity Fund participated in ‘Canstruction® Hong Kong 2016’ for the first time

The Shun Hing Education and Charity Fund participated 'Canstruction® Hong Kong 2016', organized by Food Angel. Summer interns and volunteers of Shun Hing Group used canned food to design and build the giant National rice cooker with glass cover. All canstructions were displayed in Lee Theatre and Hysan Place from 26 June to 5 July. All canned food would be donated to people in need or charitable organizations after exhibition.

In keeping with the organizer's theme of childhood memories, Shun Hing Education and Charity Fund chose to showcase a replica of its first-generation rice cooker with glass cover - 'Classic National Rice Cooker' by using 3,648 canned foods. Dr William Mong Man-wai, founder of Shun Hing Group had gained insight into Hongkonger's cooking habits, encouraged National (now known as Panasonic) to add a glass cover to their rice cookers. This allowed users to check the cooking progress of both the rice and the dishes. Armed with this new contraption, Dr. Mong went door-to-door to personally demonstrate how these rice cookers could make glutinous rice with preserved sausage and successfully turned National (Panasonic) rice cookers into a household name in Hong Kong. It aimed to remind everyone that every grain involves tough labor and to encourage a food culture with minimal kitchen waste. Food Angel is an Asian region authorized organizer by Canstruction® since 2012.