Let’s Celebrate the Festive Season with More Dishes!

Shun Hing Education and Charity Fund (SHECF) is keen to support different kinds of community and charity activities. In 2018, Food Angel with the support of SHECF, organizes a charity campaign - Let's Celebrate the Festive Season with More Dishes! On 8 selected festive days*, more main dishes will be served to let elders enjoy the festive season. The kick-off ceremony cum reunion lunch was successfully held on 20 January 2018. Dr Lam Ching Choi, Chairman of Elderly Commission, Mr Veteran artists Louis Yuen and Ms Sharon Chan, together with Mr David Mong, Chairman of SHECF and Mr Leung Kam Chung, Chairman of Food Angel were invited to celebrate the festive joy together with over 250 elders.
*Festive days include Lunar New Year (Jan), Lantern Festival (Feb), Easter (Apr), Tuen Ng Festival (Jun), HKSAR Establishment Day (Jul), Mid-Autumn Festival (Sep), National Day (Oct) & Winter Solstice (Dec).

'I very much appreciate the mission of Food Angel which reduces food waste at source by using rescued food items to prepare hot meals and serve the underprivileged in the communities. We hope elders not only enjoy the festive seasons but also eat healthily and happily. Shun Hing Group will organize an exhibition at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in November this year. Gerontechnological products will be one of the highlights in the exhibition. I hope it will arouse public attention to the issue of ageing in place and continuum of care,' Mr David Mong said.