Panasonic Proudly Sponsors: Good Music This Lunch

Title Sponsored by Shun Hing Group

"Panasonic Proudly Sponsors:Good Music This Lunch"

Make a comeback with joy!

Title sponsored by Shun Hing Group, the new series of "Panasonic Proudly Sponsors:Good Music This Lunch" has made a very success comeback on 16 May 2022. The new season's first lunchtime chamber concert attracted over 320 audiences to enjoy the beautiful music performed by the Hong Kong Sinfonietta's talented artists.

Shun Hing Group has been supporting "Good Music This Lunch" lunchtime concert series since 2016 to promote classical music in the community. Due to the pandemic, the concert venue has been changed from the Foyer of the HK City Hall to its Concert Hall since July 2020. Thank you for the great support and the lunchtime concerts took place at this bigger venue were filled with more music lovers. We are very grateful that many citizens share the same vision with Shun Hing Group and support our commitment to flourish the local development of arts appreciation.

There are 9 Chamber Concerts of "Good Music This lunch" in 2022/23 season. Mark your diaries and enjoy the music at your lunch time to help refresh your mind and soul!

1. 16 May 2022, Monday

2. 2 June 2022, Thursday

3. 5 July 2022, Tuesday

4. 9 August 2022, Tuesday

5. 19 September 2022, Monday

6. 15 November 2022, Tuesday

7. 13 December 2022, Tuesday

8. 30 January 2023, Monday

9. 20 March 2023, Monday

Time:12:40 p.m. ( Approximately 1 hour)

Venue:Hong Kong City Hall Concert HallFree admission (Registration not required. Please collect your ticket outside the Concert Hall and sit in your assigned seats). No food or beverages are allowed inside the Concert Hall.

For programme enquiries: https://hksl.org/concert/