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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Shun Hing, we owe our very existence to the local communities who sustain our business and never forget that social responsibility is a cornerstone of our corporate responsibilities. Hong Kong and China's tremendous growth and progress during our 70-year history have had a hugely positive impact on our activities. Improved healthcare and education has meant far more competent staff for our offices and stores. A more cultivated citizenry has also created more sophisticated customers and enhanced appreciation of our products. Ultimately, a more sustainable environment ensures better todays and brighter tomorrows for us all.

In delivering on our promise of good citizenship, we continue to 'go the extra mile' in support of worthy causes in areas such as education, research, arts, sports and the environment.

Donation Over
HK$ million
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(In Hong Kong, Mainland & Overseas)

Year of establishment 1984

True to his charitable spirit, our late founder, Dr. William Mong, established the Shun Hing Education and Charity Fund (SHECF or the Fund) in 1984. Contributing to meaningful initiatives in Hong Kong and Mainland China, SHECF has thus far shared over HK$1.7 billion with the needy.

Focusing on the betterment of society, SHECF works hard to accelerate progress in education. In addition to creating scholarships, the Fund has bestowed grants to upgrade campus facilities such as academic buildings, research institutes, activity centres and libraries in various tertiary institutions in Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas. It has also established research and endowment funds and departmental chairs at several major universities and helped to build or refurbish kindergartens, primary and secondary schools.

Shun Hing has long been a staunch supporter of community campaigns and respectfully urges its staff to actively help improve the lives of the less fortunate.

As we move forwards into the next decades, we remain fully aware of our obligation to be a good global corporate citizen. To this end, we do our utmost to be supportive of all projects that will help create a better, more harmonious world for all mankind.