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Shun Hing Group Proudly Sponors: “Table for Six on stage” farewell with the big applause

Shun Hing Group sponsors Hong Kong Arts Festival for the 33rd consecutive year and the Group is one of the sponsors with the longest sponsorship. To celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Shun Hing Group, this year the "Table for Six on stage" performance was title sponsored by the Group. Ten performances were presented from 17 to 25 February 2023 at the Lyric Theatre of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

Dr. David Mong, Chairman and CEO of Shun Hing Group said, "Shun Hing Group has been supporting Hong Kong Arts Festival to introduce arts programmae from different varieties to Hong Kong audience for dozens of years. The performance and stage design of "Table for Six on stage" are stunning."

"Table for Six on stage" is an adaptation of the original film production Table for Six which box office hit over HK$77 million. Playwright Mr. Sunny Chan, who was also the director of the movie version, re-tailored the background and occupation of each role in the hope of avoiding comparisons between the two ensembles. He deleted elements heavily marked by the actors in the film version, and let the new cast ensemble colour the stage with their own acting style.